Monday, April 19, 2010

One more month

One more month to go. I am definitely feeling pregnant these days. It's hard to believe at this time last pregnancy, my beautiful girls were already here. Which is why I can deal with another month of being pregnant. There is nothing worse than going home from the hospital without your babies. I really do like being pregnant - it's amazing to feel a little life inside you, but I am definitely ready for the next phase! My blood pressure has been a bit high and I've had quite a few contractions - more so of the braxton hicks I think. We'll see what the doctor says this week. I am really tired - hence the reason for not updating this blog as much as I'd like.

I still feel slightly unprepared. James and I can't finalize the whole name thing. The names keep coming back to Evan and Cole. Also Colton and Travis. Although with Colton and Travis it might seem like too much University of Texas - you may have heard of the Longhorn QB Colt McCoy and then Travis County is where I think Austin is located. So even though we like those names, it might be too extreme, especially for a Texas Tech gal :) I told James maybe we just need to see the baby before we name him. He told me you do that with pets, not with kids, and he needs to have a name before we go to the hospital - ha! I picture Evan to be more of a blonde hair/blue eyed kid (like Austin) and Cole to be a darker hair and eyes kind of kid (like the girls).

There are still several things that I need to buy also - like a bassinet, boppy, bottles (just in case the whole nursing thing doesn't work out - hopefully it will), etc. I need to work on a list and get some shopping done.

I have hardly taken any pictures the last several weeks.

It must seem like my kids get their face painted every weekend - ha! I promise they really don't. This is Abby from a birthday party on Saturday. Our weekends have been full of soccer and parties the last several weeks.

One of the girls got some state flash cards in a party bag that Austin adores. He's been working on memorizing all the state capitals, and all the kids are drawing every state's bird. Thankfully a lot of states share the same state bird - like apparently the cardinal (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia). You'd think every state would have it's own original bird. And you'd think that Missouri and Arizona who both have Cardinal sports teams would have that as their state bird. Quite silly if you ask me. So there's a bit of trivia information for you this Monday morning. Have a great week :)