Friday, April 30, 2010

Preschool pictures

The girls are about to begin their final month of preschool. I can't believe they are headed to kindergarten in the fall. I am going to miss these sweet girls come August!

I went on their 2nd field trip with them on Tuesday... this time to a park. And it was to a park that we frequent often. Oh well... They still had a great time playing with all their friends and having a picnic lunch.

Here are the "Zany Zebras" this year. The girls have been with most of them since they were three and nobody is going to their elementary school. So sad! The girls will miss all their friends, but hopefully we will keep in touch with some of them.

This is from their field trip earlier this year... riding the big bus. One of the other moms in the girls' class was so nice to send me the rest of these.

Proof they washed their hands after Petco before the pizza. Whew!

I think this is from their Christmas party.

Time to eat!

There were 2 1/2 sets of twins (one pair was split between 2 classes) in their class this year. So 5 out of 15 kids were twins, that's 33%!

Some of the kids at a birthday party a few weeks ago.

Time is flying by so fast! Sometimes I just wish it would slow down a little bit... Have a great weekend!