Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last year we had a crawfish boil with our awesome neighbors, David and Kim. It was so fun, we decided to make it an annual tradition.

Purging the crawfish - look at that water, yuck!

Holding our soon to be tasty treats. Austin really has no problem holding them (unlike shown in the picture below). The girls got over their fears and started wanting to "hold" their new friends also. We did discourage them from "naming" them.

Saffron loves seafood. It is the strangest thing... I think James' parents must have spoiled her when she lived in Jasper.

Kim preparing the food - sausage, mushrooms, corn, yum!

James and Kim dumping them in.

Look at all that food!

Our favorite neighbors.

After our feast, we played cards where James and David decided to partake in a biggest loser type challenge. It might have been aided by the six 6-packs David brought over to our house. The winner gets a Wii. More to come on that later...