Friday, April 3, 2009

Girls 1st Dentist Trip

I knew it was going to be a good trip to the dentist after picking Austin up from school. He convinced the girls they would LOVE the dentist (I think they believe him more than me). They get to pick out a toothpaste flavor, get stickers, see fish, pick out toys, etc. When we got there, Austin immediately started reading books to Emily.

The girls sat down and got their x-rays. Emily was first up and did great. Abby was a little hesitant but she finished with no tears. They got some stickers and then the dentist came in to check their teeth.

Things have definitely changed from when I used to go to the dentist. They immediately got tiaras and toy rings. Pretty smart if you ask me. They then happily skipped on their way to get their teeth cleaned, got good remarks, and then picked out another toy.

In the car going home, Emily asked "can we go to the dentist tomorrow?"