Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The World According to Austin

Austin was going through one of our drawers and came across our old digital camera, which now is of course his camera. We put some new batteries in it and now it's as good as new. Who knew that a camera could be hours and hours of entertainment?

First I have to share the 3 pictures that were on this camera (I couldn't remember when we got our new camera, apparently it was a couple of years ago).

How cute is she, seriously?

I can't even remember the last time we went to Chuck-E-Cheese, I won't go into detail why...

Judging by the trees in the background, I would say this is probably Oct '06 when our pool was finally complete. Now that process was an experience I never want to go through again. I think at one point James was so frustrated with our pool company that he wrote in one of his many e-mails something like, "All I see in my backyard so far is a big hole of disappointment, frustration and stress." Eventually they made everything right and we've really enjoyed it.

Now on to our new little photographer's pictures. On the pictures of the family, he posed us himself. I am refraining from posting the pictures of dog feces, random feet and toilet bowl pictures. You're welcome :)


My best vacuum ever! You have no idea how many vacuums we have been through in the last several years. This one has lasted so far, thank you Dyson. Oh and that's Abby's cup from a few years ago that she won't part with.

I swear this is the year Austin will learn to ride a bike, with no training wheels. I can feel it.

"Good Morning, Sunshine!"

Drat! Stay away you darn swine flu.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate sugar? And goodie bags?

Little Ms. Photogenic.

When we moved in, the only trees in our backyard were a few lonely pine trees. Sadly we had to cut them down, but we've replaced them with a yard full of privacy coverage.

Here's an odd picture of our deep end. You'll notice the net on the pool. It's a must-have, but a real pain to put on and take off. It takes about 5 minutes to take off and 20 to put back on.

That is a painting James' dad did...we miss him.

My poor starving and cute hubby. He is ready to win a Wii (and ready for the 'horns to win another championship in something).

Yep, that's me in the orange room. It'll be the first thing the future home owners will change. Guaranteed.

Do yourself a favor (moms or future moms of toddlers) - don't fall into the Caillou trap. I'm not sure if my kiddo's whining is a result of this show or some innate thing. Just avoid it all together.

Austin's artwork that was selected for the livestock show and rodeo.

Dead honey bee. The kid loves bugs.

Well that's about it - the best of the 500+ pictures he took.