Monday, April 27, 2009

Post Ike - Quick Sunday Trip

We made our first trip to Galveston after Hurricane Ike. Overall we were pretty impressed with the conditions... it looks like they've made major progress since last September. We saw a lot of businesses still closed, many signs that have not been repaired, deserted houses, etc. I'm just hoping we don't have to deal with anymore hurricanes for a long time to come. We were pretty lucky in our area - only a few trees down and power loss for 12 (yes, TWELVE) days - which seriously dampened my plans to become Amish :)

We also thought it might be a good idea to see how they'd do on a long drive in the car - especially since our Colorado trip is right around the corner. After 20 minutes in the car Austin complained, "This is taking forever."

Oh dear son, you have no idea.

We spent the day playing in the sand and collecting shells.

Playing football on the beach. James swears that the bald spot was just the wind catching his head wrong. It was blowing about 25 mph.

Enjoying the ocean breeze in the car.

We had lunch at Landry's on Sea Wall and then came home and made seashell necklaces - one of my very rare creative ideas.