Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All Aboard!

On Sunday we headed to Palestine, TX (which is a pretty long drive at 160 miles away) to go to the North Pole via the Polar Express. Passengers were advised to all wear their pajamas, but James and I thought about that one and decided against it for the two of us. There were some families that had matching PJs on - they were way cooler than us. There is no way we could have pulled that one off.

All the kids eagerly anticipated the arrival of the train, including ours.

Of course this is what our kids did when it finally came.

We boarded the train, and as we took off all the people in our car clapped for Santa.

Then we were served hot chocolate and cookies, while the story of the Polar Express was read aloud over the loudspeaker.

Austin's favorite part was when one of Santa's helpers was showing pictures of the book, and pointed to a picture of a male Santa helper and said that was her before they shaved her mustache off. He got a kick out of that one.

Soon we arrived at the North Pole where Santa boarded the train and everybody clapped and cheered. Not much snow on the ground, but lots of "yard art."

Here is Emily trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. Or maybe more cookies.

Santa and his elves finally made it to our car and handed out jingle bells to all the kids. By the way, jingle bells are great when you're celebrating - but with a 2-3 hour trip home, they nearly ended up on the feeder of I-45.

The helpers then handed out song books and we all sang Christmas carols.

Abby was the only brave child who danced in the aisle with one of the helpers.

We got off the train at 6:15 and made it home pretty late. Overall it was a pretty fun experience - not sure if we will make an annual event out of it or not. The Polar Express is ever so popular these days. Austin had Polar Express day at school last Friday, the girls have it at school this week, and they all had it last week at Kids Night Out. And just for fun, I think James should wear his PJs to work on Friday.