Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pregnancy thus far

  • Yes, it was planned. James and I wanted a big family. I was never raised with any extended family around us. Even right now, the only family we have in Texas is my mom and one of James' brothers. Family is so important to us, and I want things to be different for our kids and their kids. This will be the last kiddo though - my tubes will be getting tied during the c-section. I know James is thrilled he won't be having to get the "snip, snip" procedure. :)
  • There is definitely only one. Thank God. This was a major fear going into it. My twins are natural fraternal twins, meaning I dropped two eggs. What's to say I couldn't do that again? Don't get me wrong - another two would be a blessing, but totally overwhelming at the same time. Also, my last pregnancy was not ideal - labor at 27 weeks and then strict bedrest at home with a terbutaline pump and 3 weeks bedrest in the hospital (the girls were born at 34 weeks and stayed in the hospital for 15 days). Needless to say, we are ecstatic there is only one!! And definitely hoping the problems last pregnancy had to do with the girls being twins.
  • I am 14 weeks along now. So far so good. The only symptom I still have is being tired - all the time (and occasionally a really bad headache). I was nauseous earlier on and dealt with all that nasty sickness I had, but now I'm much better.
  • I'm still going to the gym around 4-5 times a week. My doctor is ok with this and doesn't have a set heart rate for me to maintain (or not to exceed). I am having to modify some things and at some points I do have a hard time keeping my heart under 160 bpm (I wear a heart rate monitor when I work out), but it comes down pretty quickly when I stop. I really don't want to give this up, as I really enjoy the classes I take. It's very important for my sanity. :) I know I will probably have to stop at some point and just go to the elliptical/weights, but at the moment the classes are still okay and I am paying close attention to how my body feels.
  • I am at that awkward stage right now - where I don't know if it looks like I am pregnant, but it looks like I have been gaining some weight! I can't wait to have a big baby belly. With Austin, I gained over 100 lbs. Although most of that was water - I was a big swollen mess. With the girls I gained 50 - how much sense does that make - gaining 50 with twins and 100 with one? I'm really not worried about the weight gain, I know it will come off with time. We just want a healthy baby!
  • Ok, so I haven't been eating the healthiest I ever have, but some foods make me sick to even think about (the thought of turkey makes me want to hurl). Unfortunately Chick-Fil-A still makes me happy. I still try and get fruits and veggies in everyday, but I won't even tell you how far I drove to find a Long John Silver's for a fish sandwich. Pathetic.
  • We'll be finding out the sex in early January I think. We could care less what it is, but Austin is so laid back and not full of drama - just sayin' :)
  • This will be the first baby I stay at home with. With Austin and the girls, I went back to work after 8 weeks. So this will be a totally new and wonderful experience!
  • James and I sat the kids down about a week ago to tell them. Abby, at the time, had strep and really could care less (think it had more to do with her feeling sick). Emily was thrilled. Austin was very surprised and seemed happy at first. Then he had a mini-breakdown which totally surprised me. I'm not really sure exactly what was wrong, but James and I reassured him that we would always love him and that this new baby would not take his place. Since then, he has been extremely happy about it, and whenever he catches me eating something that is not the best choice, he informs me that it is not good for the baby. Needless to say I'm not sneaking anything around him anymore. Austin is such a good big brother, what other 6 year old would enjoy reading Cinderella to his little sisters? We are so blessed.

Ok, I think that just about covers all the pregnancy questions!