Thursday, December 10, 2009

This week

The girls have had a busy week at school preparing for Christmas. On Tuesday they made gingerbread houses - which was the cutest idea. We'll have to do this at home next year. They took a 1/2 pint carton and then covered the house in graham crackers using frosting as the glue. The kids then all got a cup of frosting with various sugary items and decorated their houses. So cute!

Unfortunately they didn't make it until 6:30 that night when James came home. Actually it didn't even make it to 4:00 when Austin got off the bus. So both the boys didn't see them.... but here's proof that they did exist for an hour or so.

Abby might have let me eat her chocolate door. And I might have really enjoyed it so she gave me a few other things. Good thing Austin wasn't around to give me a hard time.

Then on Thursday they had their Christmas performances. Both girls did such a good job... they stayed on stage and participated the whole time.

Here's a video - it is not the best quality. Emily is in green and Abby in red. I initially got their dresses in early November, but then realized last minute that they were a little too foo-foo. So we went to Kohls on Wednesday and found these much simpler dresses.

Tomorrow night James and I have a date! This does not happen very often. Our church is having kids night out, so we're going out to dinner and then hopefully we can finish our Christmas shopping. I shopped pretty early this year for the girls and bought various things along the way that they'd ask for. Then Austin helped them with their "official" list to Santa last weekend, and of course they are totally different and I don't have any of the items on the new list. Serves me right for being on the ball. They know that Santa is not getting them everything on their list, but I do need to get a few items. I know for a fact that Santa's elves are not making cupcake decorating makers this year. Abby will have to wait until she's 12 for that one.