Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

We've had a fun week preparing for Christmas. Katie came in last weekend. Mom and Dad (who lives in Colorado) are coming over on Friday. The menu is planned, letters are sent, cookies are made, Christmas songs have been listened to over and over, presents are wrapped, parties are over. We are ready.

Everything has been quite festive, but we found out that Abby has pneumonia. That part hasn't been fun. Poor thing - she's had strep since mid-November and the antibiotics haven't been working. We were at the doctor all afternoon on Monday where she did a bunch of testing, blood work, chest x-ray, and finally the diagnosis. So now she is on the mend and is feeling much better. She's proud of her "battle scars" - a few shots on her legs.

Tonight we made our annual cookies for Santa.

Caught in the act. Ha! By the way, this is AFTER all of the cookies were made. We made sure to keep all of the hands clean during the process.

They all turned out pretty well, especially compared to last year. James had to make his annual Longhorn cookie...

and was a bit upset when the kids picked their 3 Santa cookies - Austin picked Katie's Texas Tech cookie. I picked the heart on top, and James picked the colorful Longhorn on the bottom (courtesy of Austin).

Merry Christmas!