Thursday, December 3, 2009

The tree is up!

I love everything about this season! It is important that the kids know "the reason for the season." I think this year Austin is really understanding that Christmas is about much more than just presents. We've been reading his children's bible and are shopping for some under-privileged families.

We got all the decorations out of the attic on Saturday, then blasted the Christmas music, and started the big job. Usually we'd make some hot chocolate, but considering it was 70 degrees outside it just didn't seem right. Most of my pretty ornaments are glass, so the kids weren't too thrilled they couldn't help with those. We actually only broke one so far this year. Unfortunately it was the one James' parents got us when we first married (they have since passed away). I almost had a meltdown (blame it on the hormones), but thankfully James was able to super glue it back together, and it's almost as good as new.

The girls were to go on their first field trip ever today - to a local Christmas tree farm. Abby was so excited she wanted to sleep in her shoes last night (and was very unhappy that she couldn't). Although I think in the middle of the night she went and put them on and went back to bed, because she came downstairs this morning in her night clothes and tennis shoes. We made it to school only to find out that the trip was canceled because of a threat of 5% chance of rain and the fact that it's 50 degrees outside. I'm sure the northerners would get a giggle out of that. Houston people cannot deal with the cold. And I really wouldn't want to be one of Abby's teachers today.