Thursday, February 11, 2010

House rules

I have no idea when Austin created this - I passed by it in the hallway upstairs today and noticed it. Shows how much I pay attention.

First of all I am pretty surprised that he didn't spell the word "scream" correctly. You see, one of Austin's new favorite past times is taking spelling tests on the computer (his elementary school posts all the spelling words each week for every grade). He skips the 1st - 3rd and goes directly to the highest level, 4th grade. He gets most of them right too. There could be worse hobbies in the world, right?

Second, I think this list was made strictly for Emily. I say that because #7 says, "be nice to mama and dad." Austin never calls me Mama. Neither does Abby. Emily is the only one who will occasionally address me as mama, especially when she's being super sweet and wants something. She's a smart one.

Another reason I think it was made for Emily is that she told Austin to be a good sport the other day (and in the semi-correct context). I asked Austin to help Abby with something, and he wasn't too thrilled about it. Shocker, I know - the kid doesn't listen to 100% of everything we say. Anyway, when Emily told him to be a good sport I thought that was strange because I've never really had the need to tell her to be a good sport. I figured she heard it from school - guess not.

I'll have to ask him what brought on the need for this list, but overall I'm pleased - not a bad set of house rules to have!