Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soccer and a field trip

Austin had his first soccer game of the season. Their team is called the Red Dragons, and let me tell you first grade soccer is way more entertaining than kindergarten soccer. They have a real official and everything. The team lost, but Austin did great and even scored a goal.

Number 5 (the kid on the ground) was the best player on the other team. He scored at least 3 goals and was virtually unstoppable. Except when he and Austin accidentally collided. Notice who is still standing... :)

The girls had their first field trip. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go... I've been sick again this week. I am sick of being sick. It is getting really old. Anyway, if you remember their field trip was canceled from last December to a Christmas tree farm, so they scheduled this one to Petco and Cici's Pizza. Not an even trade off if you ask me, but oh well. The highlights were that they got to pet a rat (yuck), make their own pizzas, and ride the school bus. Hopefully they washed their hands after the rat experience (it happened before the pizza). Here they are before the exciting day.

Here's Abby pretending to have three eyes. I love our little, random kiddos.