Sunday, February 14, 2010

My valentines

Happy Valentines Day! Truth be told, we see this day as more of a Hallmark holiday - we don't go crazy with flowers and chocolates and gifts for each other. So I guess there's a little bah humbug on February 14 for us... but, the Amazing Race is coming back tonight so it will be a great day after all!

Today we celebrated by doing nothing. Well not really nothing. I went to the grocery store. We did do a fair amount of yard work and played outside - we've been stuck inside for several weeks and today was a beautiful day! We also made cookies - well because there just wasn't enough sugar in the house from all the valentines parties at school this week.

This is from Austin's party at school on Friday.

Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Marberry. He adores her (even though she's an Aggie).

Helping us pull weeds... from the looks of the yard (and Abby's face), it appears they were being attacked by weeds.

The Disney princesses must join us doing everything.

That's about it. Just getting ready to come off the sugar high and enjoy another week. Let's hope the weather stays this way for a while!