Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Geaux Saints!!

Honestly it really doesn't matter to me, but I'd like to see the Saints win today. I think it would be great for the city of New Orleans. Plus James designed some Saints shirts, so if they win maybe we'll earn a little money :) Austin wants the Colts... but really we have cheered for both teams this season. Although I will say that during my fantasy football Superbowl game, I started the Saints defense and lost because of them. Should have started the Titans D. I'm not completely over it.

It's been another lazy weekend in our house. Well really a sick weekend. James and I came down with the most horrible stomach bug ever. Thankfully my mother came over yesterday to watch the kiddos while we stayed quarantined in our bedroom. I haven't been that sick in a long time. I had a fun night planned with some girls in the neighborhood and was really bummed to have missed it. We're both feeling much better today. I was going to make us a big spread of Superbowl type unhealthy foods, but the thought of it nauseates me at the moment. So we ordered a pizza for the kids.

We did finally get around to creating the kids' valentine's boxes for their upcoming parties this week. It is difficult to wrap shoe boxes, especially on the ones that the top is still attached to the box.

Here's our big football fan working on his box. He wanted an extra-large box for all the ladies...

Emily had a slight bug too this weekend. But this didn't keep her from getting ready for the month of love.

"Okay, enough is enough. Let's get this football game started!"