Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring break pictures

My lack of blogging is a result of a serious lack of sleep. We're talking like 0-4 hours per night, and those hours are not all in a row. Thankfully at my appointment on Wednesday the doctor gave me something safe to take. Last night was the first time I took it, and I thought it was going to be some sort of magic pill - but unfortunately it wasn't. I did sleep from 9:00 - 3:30, but also woke up 3 times in between. I seriously think I got more sleep when I had newborn twins.

I am 30 weeks pregnant now. I'm still feeling pretty good overall, besides being incredibly tired. I passed the gestational diabetes test this time around. Yipee! Must have been all that late-night studying. They also scheduled my c-section for 5/26, but I would honestly be very surprised if I made it full term. Austin and the girls were both not full term. I've gained about 2o lbs so far, and I think it's pretty obvious especially in the evenings. It's pretty funny how much I grow as the day goes on. At step class last weekend I was talking to a girl I see pretty frequently up there and she had no idea I was pregnant. She thought I was "pudgy." Gee thanks. The baby is doing great and is constantly doing somersaults in my belly. It really is the coolest feeling and the kids think it's pretty cool also.

We survived spring break last week. We got out of the house at least once a day. Here are some things we did... nothing too exciting.

Played with chalk.

We made a lot of different things for lunches and snacks... including these "ants on a log." Raisins on peanut butter on celery.

We made jewelery

and shrinky dinks. Remember those? That's Cinderella supervising the operation.

Abby tried her hardest to catch a bunch of footballs. Poor thing. We're thinking about getting her involved in some sort of musical instrument next. James threw about 50 balls to her and she did manage to catch one from all the way across the yard. More of a defensive move than anything else... James was proud.

Emily watched Snow White on You Tube broken out into 10 segments. Another new princess movie she loves.

We went on a nature walk.

Austin was proud of this picture he shot.

A short while after our nature walk, Austin got a horrible rash on his face. This is 7 days later at our lunch date at his school today. It's finally starting to get better.

The challenge continues on learning how to ride a two-wheeler. At least he is smiling below, it doesn't happen often (when he's learning to ride, that is). We are setting a goal to practice every weekend. Obviously it's more mental than anything else. We'll get there.

This is Emily's artwork. On the right is a puppy. On the left is her. I guess the difference is the dog ears?

Austin thought the highlight of spring break was helping out at his sister's soccer practice. So like I said, nothing too exciting :)