Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starting our vegetable garden

This isn't our first attempt at a vegetable garden. A few years ago we planted some tomatoes (just in pots) and did not get as many as I hoped we would. I think it had something with us going on vacation for 10 days and several of them died of thirst. Since we're definitely not planning any summer vacation with the arrival of the baby (except maybe a small camping trip at the end of the summer), we'll have plenty of time to nurture our small garden.

We initially were going to tear up some grass and create a real garden. Then we decided against it because who knows if we'd be digging into a power line, pool pipes or part of our sprinkler system. So instead we just used a portion of our back flower bed. On one side we planted tomatoes, and then on the other side we have green, red, and chocolate peppers. Austin was really interested in the chocolate peppers... We also have some jalapenos and cucumbers. Finally, we're going to plant some onions and more tomatoes in pots. So not the biggest garden, but I'm hoping it works out this year! Then maybe next year we can add to it. James' parents had the most beautiful garden with everything you could possibly imagine - that is our dream one day!

My mom came over yesterday to celebrate the girls' birthday (which is Tuesday). Then we went to Austin's soccer game. After that, she watched the kiddos while James and I ran some errands. We actually had lunch together - Red Robin has a new southwest salad - very good! Not as good as Chick-fil-A, but seriously what is? We then visited the mall to replace the batteries in my heart rate monitor (how exciting) and then we were off to pick out our veggies.

The kids were all into it. Who wants to go first?

It was about 75 degrees outside - and the girls were sweating like it was 100. Just wait until July!

This is one half of our new garden. Each of us planted one tomato in this section - we're going to keep a tally and see which plant wins.

Hard at work...

The wild-eyed gardner...