Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

What a fun weekend! I turned 32 yesterday (yikes), but I must say it doesn't feel that much different than 31 :) We had a delicious Chick-fil-A breakfast, headed to the Easter Eggstravaganza at church, came home and got ready for Austin's soccer game. Then our awesome friends and neighbors, Kim and David, came over to watch the kiddos while James and I went out. A great time indeed!

Here's Abby at her Easter egg hunt. Emily wasn't feeling it. She warmed up to the idea a few minutes into the hunt. All those eggs in the background disappeared within approximately 3 minutes. Poor Abby wasn't as aggressive as some of the others and got about 7 eggs.

Of course Austin made up for what the girls didn't get. He started the "hunt" in a sprinter's position. And took off like a rocket when they blew the horn.

There were a bunch of fun activities. Including this really cool "train" - which apparently is available for rent (see the big "ad" on it). They even gave us a flyer after the ride - gotta love those marketers...

Here's Austin in his "car." A barrel of fun, don't you think?

Here are our kiddos stuck in the "cage of terror." Well, not terror... it only went about 10 feet off of the ground.

And what event would be complete without a slide-o-germs bouncy house.

Here's Austin with an egg on his face.

Nice kitty.

Emily went for the ladybug (of course). I mean, who hasn't heard the legendary tale of the Easter Ladybug?

Emily loves her cheese almost as much as me. The cheese on the chip, not the smile...

Here we are - with all our booty. Or lack of booty. Looks like there's plenty of room left for the Easter Bunny to fill those baskets.

This is Austin's amazing soccer goal he made later that day. Notice the ball in the air (and the distance from Austin to the goal). Perhaps it has something to do with the extra practice this week? Or maybe from James acting as coach this week in practice? Goooooooaaaaaallll!

James and I headed to dinner after soccer to a locally owned Italian restaurant. The atmosphere was great, the food not the best - but it was so nice to get away. We did a little shopping, came home and watched the rest of the Kentucky/West Virginia game. We're Mountaineer fans this month since James picked them pretty far in his March Madness bracket this year. Then we stayed up and played cards with Kim and David. It was definitely a great birthday!

Today for Palm Sunday, the kids had a performance at the beginning of our service. They all did a great job. We came home and played and worked in the yard. James even found another snake - yuck. That's the monster all coiled up... He was about 8" long. The kiddos loved "playing" with him.