Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another trip to Austin, Texas

Last weekend we drove to Austin to visit Uncle John and cousin John. John is James' eldest brother who lives in Maryland and was visiting his wife's family in TX. Aunt Marjorie is in Afghanistan and we are praying for her safe return. We had a good time catching up.

We started the day visiting the University of Texas... once again. (As a TTU alum, I sure spend a lot of time on Longhorn turf.) There were tons of freshmen there for orientation about to start the highlight of their life, and once again James was trying to convince Austin that will be where he will attend college in another 12 years or so. And again I had to bite back my comments. By the way, looking at those incoming freshmen made both of us feel pretty old. Most barely looked old enough to drive.

On this day, Emily's walk down these steps was free. In 14 more years, this same little stroll is gonna cost us. Mental note: keep clipping coupons.

Obviously deep in conversation. Many things to catch up on?

Four going on twenty-four.

Austin then drove us to Pizza Hut, past the capitol, and to the Austin children's museum. It's a very interactive museum in the heart of the city. Lots of things to see and touch.

Here's Emily playing with tools...

Craft time. Lots of ink and stamps - without the clean-up! There's James with his hands in his pockets - was he trying to smuggle some goodies? Or was he itching to get back to campus?

Notice the tears... just a small mishap before starting this one. Some of the crafts were a little more difficult than others (even for the adults).

Fixing up some of his world famous tamales.

Come on in and check out my new digs. Please remove your shoes first.