Sunday, August 30, 2009

Out from under my blog rock

I'm sorry - I know I have neglected my blog this week. I'm having my second fantasy football draft right now and figured I could knock out a few posts out during the downtime. I'm in leagues with a bunch of guys, and sometimes they can take up to 10 minutes to make their pick. I come fairly organized with a good idea of who I want on my team. I am not indecisive like some of my male counterparts. Just sayin.

Anyway, James arrived home safely from Scotland. It was a long trip for him considering it was only 4 days and 2 of them were spent traveling. He had some weather problems on his way home and it almost took a complete 24 hours to get back to Texas. I think he wanted some pity, but helllooo... he went to Scotland!! I don't pity that. And he gets to go to Norway in a couple of weeks too.

So here are some pictures from his trip. I know my sister, who wishes she was born in 18th century England (as do I at times), has been waiting to see these for awhile... so here you go Katie! I really didn't get as many as I wanted, BUT he was working after all... oh well. These are from the Royal Mile in Edinburg. That's what he tells me - again, I wasn't there. :)

Many of these buildings are centuries and centuries old. Very cool.

James said the street performers were similar to the ones in New Orleans. Freaky.

It rained almost the whole time he was there. Here's one of the times when the sun peeked out.

Just look how old this foundation is - makes you wonder why people in America are so freaked out about foundations on their houses getting old after 10 to 20 years. Notice the cannons.

So while James was playing in Scotland, the girls had their first dance class. This is a pic of the girls with their teacher, Ms. Andrea.

I had hoped the first day of dance would go better. You can't see Abby's tears in this photo. I made the mistake of putting both their tap shoes in the same bag. How was I supposed to know that dancers all have individual dance bags? Well for the first time ever, they do not have the same size shoes. The teacher put Emily's shoes on Abby, and when Emily got her shoes on she threw a fit claiming they were too tight. Then she took Abby's shoes off and said Emily gets the bigger size, which oh my gosh you would think it was the end of the world for Abby. How dare her tell Abby that she had to wear the little shoes. So she was ticked off the rest of the time because she was the little one. Needless to say, I went to Academy later in the day to get them each their own dance bag.

This is the girls' friend Abby from school (and now dance). They all look so cute in their black leotards and pink tights.

Austin had his second football practice. I took the girls and it poured. I guess in football they try to toughen the boys up. No pictures again, and no umbrellas either. We were soaked. Luckily none of us mind the rain and we were just going home anyway.

The girls are into dressing up their dolls now also. James got Emily the plaid headband in Scotland and she refuses to wear it the right way.

Well I am finishing up my draft at the moment, and I must say my team is pretty good this year. Can't wait for the football season to start in a few weeks. Grammy and the kids just finished playing in "mountains" which looked something like this: