Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Week

With the end of summer quickly approaching (in exactly 14 days, but who's counting), I have been struggling to find things for us to do. Besides our gym and library visits, we didn't do much of anything last week. We even stayed in the house 2 entire days and did not go anywhere. Well one of those days we had to get our hot water heaters replaced and that took a good 5 hours. And if you think hot water heaters are no more than a couple hundred of dollars like I did, think again.

So, here is a glance in pictures....

Abby practiced her letters.

Austin finally got to go down the big slide at the gym.

Emily and Austin held hands and jumped into the pool about 1,322 times.

Abby enjoyed staying on the sidelines.

The girls practiced making letters with their bodies.

I accidentally sprayed myself a gazillion times with our broken faucet. My dear husband squashed a fly, hence squashing my dreams of washing dishes easily. We had to order another one online as the stores around here do not carry them.

Abby found some panty hose that kept her entertained for a good hour.

Yeah, and that's about it.