Monday, May 10, 2010


This Wednesday around 12:30 is going to be our little boy's birthday. I must say I'm pretty nervous - I thought we had at least another 1 week, but the doctor thinks it's better to deliver now then to risk having more complications in the future. I am 37 weeks and am praying that his little lungs are mature and won't need any NICU time. I'm also nervous about the c-section. It's not like it's my first one or anything, but it's definitely the first scheduled one. How strange to be going into the hospital not in labor, get stuck with needles and having a baby an hour later.

The kids are all excited and have been making tons of pictures for the baby. Well Austin doesn't know we just have 2 more days since he's still in school, but I'm hoping he will be just as excited as the girls! This is the inside of the baby's crib:

I hope all you moms had a terrific mother's day yesterday. I did. The girls made me these plates at school:

Austin made me some sort of tile creation and wrote this letter. Classic.

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for still loving me when I be bad. I like your hair and your voice. Thank you for bringing me to muffins with mom. And bringing money for the bookfair. I'm looking forward to do that next year. You know that your not the only person I love. I love Emily Abby Dad Saffron and me too. And thank you for our house. I like my room your room the living room Emilies and Abbies room the kitchen and the TV rooms.