Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Home Cole!

I was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon - even though Cole was doing much better, we had to leave him behind. Thankfully not for long though as we got a call this morning that he was ready to come home!

The kids visited me in the hospital on Saturday night. They loved sitting in my hospital bed watching tv.

Today James, the girls and I headed back to the hospital. Here are the big sisters - ready to meet their baby brother!

James waited outside the NICU with the girls while I headed in to pick him up. The siblings get to put their handprints on the hospital walls when a baby is born. Here's Abby next to Austin's handprint when they were born. I can't believe that was 5 years ago. His handprint is the messy red one. I remember that day - it was hard just to get one handprint on the wall - there was no way we were getting two handprints.

The girls saw Cole for the first time and instantly fell in love. Here they are waiting for James to pull the car up.

The first fight broke out when Emily got to sit next to Cole in the car. "I never get to sit next to Cole!" Abby was not a happy camper and Emily looked at him the entire way home with a smile on her face.

We arrived home and Saffron checked out the source of her future lack of sleep. Sorry Saffron - there's a new sheriff in town.

Then the girls held him for the first time.

Austin got home and was thrilled that the baby was here. As soon as he got off the bus, he ran all the way to the front door. He kept saying how adorable he is and how all the girls in his class call him adorable too. After about 10 minutes, he was asking for his snack. Some things never change.

I'm going to find a baby picture of Austin soon after birth. I think these two would look more like twins than our actual twins. Just a hunch.

(By the way, we know... our game room is still TOO orange!)

The girls cannot keep their hands of this little baby. They want to be involved in everything and they are going to be such good little helpers. I do have to keep an extra eye on them though...

Well that's all for now. I think we have a rough night ahead. I'm kind of used to the lack of sleep just from the pregnancy and then pumping every 2-3 hours since Cole's been born. But tonight is going to be an interesting, but happy night! I have no problem losing sleep for this little guy. I am so happy our family is all together - we are so blessed! Thanks for all your prayers! :)

Oh, and as I was about to publish this post, I needed to add another tidbit. The kids are learning a "little" about the birds and the bees. Well, not exactly - but we had to explain how mommy would be feeding Cole. Here's how the conversation went...
Me: So the baby gets milk from mommy.
Austin: Like up there, in your private area?
Me: Yes. All mammals feed their babies this way.
Austin: Like pigs. Horses. Cows...
Me: That's right.
Austin: Does Cole taste blood when he's sucking your milk?
Me: No, it just tastes like milk. It's good for him.
Austin: So he's like a vampire baby?

Good stuff.