Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emily & Abby's Check-up

So, the girls had their checkups last week, complete with four shots. And they can't stop telling people they had to go potty in a cup. Complete strangers too - can you imagine some of the looks they (I) get? They thought it was so funny. What isn't so funny is trying to position yourself without touching anything in a doctor's office bathroom, while holding a cup in the same position for 10 minutes x 2 waiting for your daughters to potty. I was a contortionist that day.

We started off with Emily since she is the oldest. So she is 37 1/2 inches and 35 lbs. All my kids are shorties, and every time the doctor does the percentile thing (Emily is in the 5th percentile - I am just happy she is on the charts), she says, "well mom and dad aren't that tall, so I'm not concerned about it." And everytime I correct her by saying - "we're not THAT short." I am 5 ft 5 inches. When did that become short? James is a few inches taller than me, and I know it's not like we can slam a basketball or anything... but sheesh.

Onto Abby - my more petite girl. She is a whopping 33 lbs, but she is a half inch taller than Emily at 38 inches. I thought she was taller, but she always walks on her tippy toes so it's hard to tell. The doctor also checked out her face and does not think it's broken. Whew. She thinks it's some sort of calcium buildup (that occurred during the healing process) that will be with her anywhere from a couple of months to years. She said she has seen one on a kid that the parents elected to do plastic surgery on after six months, but that was with a leg. I would be weary about doing that on her face - just having surgery alone and then scars and such. That is not an option now at all. We're just going to keep an eye on it for awhile.

Then came the really fun part - shots. Oh how I do feel sorry for the girl that has to go second. She has to witness the terror and screaming of the first child. That child was Emily. Poor thing. At least Abby didn't see it coming and it was over fast. Emily had to dwell on it and she was crying right along with her sister. Needless to say it was a battle getting her on the table.

The good thing is that was the last set of shots until they are 11. Their feelings were hurt, but they calmed down and got stickers for their ordeal which somehow made things much better.

But perhaps the worst part of the visit was a conversation with Austin - after seeing a ton of babies in the waiting room.

Austin: "Mom, I have a good question."
Me: "Oh, yeah. What's that?"
Austin: "I know how babies come out, but how do they get put in your body?"
(He knows he came out of my stomach, which is truthfully where he came out).
Me: "Uh, that is a good question."
Me: "Uh."
Me: "Hmmm."
Me: "Well God puts them there."
Austin: "How does he get them in there?"

Thinking how to respond to that.... the door opens, doctor walks in, and totally saves me. Seriously. Like right out of a movie. I really haven't thought about having that discussion with my kids. I mean he's only 6 years old. Thankfully he hasn't brought it up again.

Looks like Austin and James might be going on a camping trip soon.