Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poor little ducky

If you've been reading my blog for the last couple of months, you know I am not the most domestic gal. I seriously do try. My cooking has been getting better and I am finally used to being a SAHM, which is good because it has been more than a year now. And as far as sewing... not exactly my thing. I don't even know if I should admit when a button falls of, James (and on occasion my mother) will sew it back on. Eeks. I really admire those women who could sew anything - curtains, pillows, clothes, etc. Well now I have to give it a try. Me. Who would rather throw away an article of clothing than attempt to fix it.

Why, you ask? You see, Abby has had a little stuffed ducky since birth. I think it was meant to be a sponge, but it quickly became her special friend she cannot live without. I know I have tons of pictures of her and this duck from when she was small, but this is all I could find... from last October.

Sometimes even Saffron needed to be comforted with ducky (and blanky).

Well let's just say somewhere between Houston and Colorado, ducky suffered a small injury - no thanks to Austin. Somehow one of his legs was torn off in a tragic "accident."

I promised my sobbing daughter I'd fix her ducky when we got home, knowing full well ducky would never look the same again.

This isn't the first of ducky's injuries. In the past, an eye or tail, or something has fallen off. Luckily I had Ms. Rona, who watched the girls while I was working, here at the house and she would fix everything.

Now it's just me. And now it's not just a leg.

So just because I wouldn't mind taking the easy way out... if anyone knows where to buy this exact same duck, PLEASE email me. If not, I will be sewing a duck tonight and trying to explain to my precious (and very particular) daughter that it is the same ducky she has loved all these years. Wish me luck folks.