Sunday, July 12, 2009

To pierce, or not to pierce

Emily has been asking almost daily about getting her ears pierced. Every time I tell her - it's like getting a shot in your ear, are you sure you want that? It will hurt. She then asks, "will it bleed?" I respond "just a little." Then she says yes, she wants a shot in her ear. She wants to look like a princess.

In case you reading this and don't have little girls, Disney makes a ton o' money on this princess business.

After the "shot" appointment in the car:
"Emmy, do you still want to get your ears pierced?"
"No," she said still sniffling.

I gleefully jumped up and down for joy in my head. Thank the Lord. I don't have to worry about that for years to come. Maybe until she's 13. Because you know the shot at 11 will have the same effect.

Then later that week:
"Mom, when can I get my ears pierced?"
"Em, don't you remember that shot? I didn't think you wanted your ears pierced anymore."
"But Ariel has her ears pierced."
"Yeah, but didn't it hurt to get that shot?"
"A little."
Those were so not cries of a "little" pain.
"So you want to get a shot in your ear?"
"Yes," she said smiling hugely.

She forgot. In 2 days. 'Sigh'