Monday, July 20, 2009

Rain, rain, please don't go away

We finally got some rain over the weekend, and you know it's a big deal if it's actually blog worthy. We had a little bit last week (the first in over a month) and today it poured! Yahoo!

There's nothing better when you're momma says that it's ok to strip the clothes off and go play in the rain! Although, thinking about it later, we probably should have done it in the backyard instead of the front... But really, who cares? It was rain!!

Thunder, thunder everywhere. This is safe, right?

"So if I was on Survivor, I would just hang out by these leaves and cup a little water in my hands like this..."

Drinking some of the sweet rain that has eluded us for pretty much six weeks!

Here's our little southern lady Emily, looking for a gentleman to put down his coat... No such luck.

Running down the street in your undies is okay at four. Fourteen? Not so much.