Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Six Million Dollar Ducky

I waited a few days to work on ducky to see if someone miraculously found the same duck somewhere. No such luck.

This is the new ducky (nice foot placement):

Since I only have a travel size sewing kit, ducky has some new scars that are purple, white, and black.

This is my daughter's reaction to her duck:

I wasn't surprised. I just might have had something small to drink that night - maybe a few adult beverages out by the pool. When I gave it to James to tie the knot at the end (I could not for the life of me figure it out), he took one look at the duck and started cracking up. I guess ducky's leg wasn't where it was originally. This morning I realized it did look somewhat "off." At first glance she knew it too. No foolin' that girl.

But things did get better. After her initial reaction she dragged it with her everywhere just like the good old days.

Abby and ducky - together again.