Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School

I felt pretty unprepared going into this school year. Little did I realize the weekend before school started was the dreaded tax-free weekend in Texas. I never participate in this, because my sanity is much more important than saving $10. James can attest to this.

Anyway, I really had no choice because they did need some important items... you know like shoes and lunch bags and such. So Friday before school we headed to Target and luckily the crazies weren't out yet. And I mean "crazies" with all due respect (especially for the really crazy "crazies" in case they find their way here). I got all my shopping done on that one trip. It's all about the small victories, right?

I was feeling so nice that we headed to Chuck E. Cheese afterward to celebrate the last day of summer. You have no idea how big of a deal that is for me to take them. James felt bad he couldn't partake in any of the festivities, so we had a little ice cream party when he got home. I'm not sure if he was really celebrating the last day of summer or the start of football season...

Doing the ice cream dance:

On Monday Austin was super excited to head to first grade. He wanted me to just drop him off, but when we got there all the parents were walking the kids in, so we did the same. I got to his door and he just walked in without a goodbye or anything. His teacher told him to come back and out and give me a hug, ha! I think he is going to have a great year. We have heard so many good things about his teacher.

The girls had their first day last Thursday. They were lucky to find many of their friends from last year in the same class. I think this last year of preschool is going to be more structured and organized. I have heard many good things about their teachers also - I know they will learn so much. This is a good thing considering Emily asked me what time it was the other day, I showed her my watch which said 3:13, and she informed me that the time was "2 E's and an I." We have a few things we need to be working on... :)