Monday, September 21, 2009

Another visit from Katie

My sister came in last week to visit. Perfect timing! Well we did plan it that way. It was nice to have her here while James was gone.

I wanted Austin to be surprised so I didn't tell him she was coming to town. The girls and I picked her up while he was at school. Katie hid in the house right before he got off the bus - made some "cawing" noises when he walked in - and then went and found her. He was so excited to see his Aunt Katie!

Katie, the kids, and I had a pretty good week. It started out rough when I got a call from Austin's principal informing me that Austin would be moved to the new 1st grade class the next day. He thought it was because his teacher must not have liked him, and I told him the new teacher needed some really smart kids in her class. I was pretty upset myself - I was thrilled he got the teacher he did (his original one) and was looking forward to a fun year. I'm sure he will have a good year in the new class also, but it's very frustrating. The school knew going into the year that there were too many kids in each class, why they waited 3 weeks into school to hire somebody is beyond me.

Anyway, we had tons of fun with Katie here. Got some shopping done, did a lot of cooking, went to some parks.

The girls had crazy hair day at school last week. If you are ever looking for some pink stuff to spray in your hair - Wal-Mart, Target, the dollar store, and CVS do not carry it there. Go to a beauty supply shop. Wish I would have thought of that earlier. Welcome back to the 80s...

James arrived home from Norway on Saturday night, and we made it home right after THE game of the year started. I always dread it because it really puts Austin in a bad spot. I am sure you know the game I'm referring to is Texas Tech vs. Texas. In James' absence, I convinced Austin he needed to cheer on the Red Raiders. That didn't make James very happy, but we did sit as a family to watch the game. I think it had something to do with his sleep deprivation because the last few years we have had to watch it in separate rooms. Everyone was cordial this year, and Katie and I accepted that we probably didn't stand a chance before the game started. The Raiders stuck in there though for the most part.

I will post some of James' pictures of Norway in a later post. He had a good trip and we're definitely glad to have him home!