Saturday, September 5, 2009

My football star

I am really not one to brag, but goodness Austin really has some talent in football. It's a shame his doctor says he will on the shorter side as an adult, because the kid has talent. I'm not saying shorter guys can't play football - take my number one player on my fantasy team as an example. Maurice Jones-Drew (Jaguars), 5 ft 7 in, and he's going to win the season for me. :) So who knows how far Austin can go... I think he would be the cutest darn football player ever!!

We enjoyed his first football game. And I tell the truth that he is the Michael Jordan of his team - check out the tongue in these shots.

Kicking up some dirt!

Getting around the edge!

Here he is on what is the equivalent to about a 75 yard run. You should have seen the cuts he made! The Chargers didn't know what hit them!

Great job kiddo on your first game as a 'gasp'... 49er!!