Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Where does the time go? My baby boy's last day of kinder is this week. It seems like just yesterday when we carried in our first born, put him on the bed, and just stared at each other… “Now what do we do?”

I remember holding him for the first time and falling in love instantly. Amazed at the beautiful gift God gave us. Praying that He will be with him, every step he takes throughout his life. And hoping we would be able to give him everything he needed.

Everything changed when we brought him home. And for every diaper, every hug, every first experience, every question asked and answered, every song, every dance, every meltdown, every laugh and every tear - we will never be the same. Ever.

And now he's completed his first year in elementary school.

He has grown so much in the last year. From barely reading to now reading at an almost 3rd grade level. From being somewhat reserved to the life of the party. He's transformed from a kid who was scared to get on the bus on the first day of school to a kid who just can't wait to see what's next in life. What a difference a year makes. And what a great joy Austin has brought to our lives.

Congratulations on finishing Kindergarten, kiddo.

Here are some memories from this year...

Austin and his teacher, Mrs. Harl, during the Thanksgiving feast.

Having fun at the end of the year class party.

The proud graduate.