Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Trip - Day 13 & 14. We're Home!

We are finally home. The last 2 days of driving took forever. Total mileage on our trip was 3,501 miles (and by golly I am counting that extra mile).

We're going home. Yipee!

Goodbye New Mexico.

Day 13 took us from SW Colorado to Lubbock. I wanted to get to Lubbock early to look around, but that just didn't happen. 650 miles in a day takes time. All the stores were closed around campus so we didn't get any TTU gear. We did drive around the campus which brought back so many memories. College days were so easy... it's funny you don't recognize that until after you graduate.

This is Austin in front of the stadium (kind of hard to tell).

The other thing I wanted to do was go to the local Weinerschnitzel. We don't have any of these in the Houston area (trust me I've looked). I lived on this garbage all through college. Oh it was so good, actually better than what I remember. I didn't take a picture which is probably a good thing... don't want to upset anyone's stomach and I won't have to salivate the rest of my life looking at the pictures. I was kind of worried if we'd be feeling well the next day, but everyone was good. :) Well James took a look and didn't partake in any of its glory - his loss.

We left Lubbock at 6 AM sharp to guarantee us arriving in time to pick up Saffron. James drove the entire way... his way of making up for doing zero mountain driving. It was nice. I read the whole time and the kids did really well. We only made two stops. Again, no mention of needing to go potty or anything. Our kids did so good in the car this whole trip. James made good time and we arrived home by 3:00.

There was some of this on the way.

And I must mention that there was not one stop by a law enforcement official the entire trip. Amazing. Especially considering how happy my right foot can get sometimes.

We were welcomed back into town with 101 degree sweltering heat. Big difference between the nice cool weather we had experienced just a day earlier. We didn't set the sprinklers while we were gone - I assumed we'd get rain a few days. Boy was I wrong. We didn't get one drop and our poor lawn took a beating. It is crazy hot here. Miserable. Even the pool feels like a hot tub.

I think Saffron had a rough couple of weeks in doggie jail. She has a boo boo on her arm I think we might have to get checked out. She slept really well that night. So did I. I've actually slept better than ever since we've gotten home. Guess that's what a serious lack of sleep on a 2-week trip will do to you.

Anyway - we had terrific time, but I'm glad to get back on a schedule. So is Abby. Back to eating better, working out, and oh how I was suffering from my Chic-Fil-A Southwest Salad withdrawals. I remedied that the very first day. :) It feels so good to be back.