Saturday, June 20, 2009

Road Trip - Day #10

Total Mileage: 260 miles
Total number of fits while hiking: 3
Total number of dirt roads we drove on: 3
Total times James pushed the phantom brake: 10
Total masterpieces that Abby created: 2
Total times we laughed today: Lots

There was no way we could have had a worse day than yesterday. Today was so much better. We toured Aspen a little this morning. I wanted to go to the North Face store, but they weren't open yet. Good thing, because I highly doubt they would have had a sale rack in Aspen, CO. Here are a few pictures from this morning.

The drive to Gunnison was beautiful. We stopped off the not so busy highway to sink in the beauty around us. There were many points where we could stop. This was one of them.

Almost every place we saw, there was a Kodak moment. We had a lot of traveling to do, so we kept it kind of limited.

3 kiddos on a rock. If they stepped back about 3 feet, James would have had a heart attack. The river was really moving.

One of many waterfalls we saw.

We stopped for lunch at a cafe in Hotchkiss, CO - they claim to be the friendliest town in CO. From what we saw, I think I might agree. The kiddos colored before our very expensive food arrived (expensive for what we got). Hey, at least we are helping small town America, right? The waitress checked on us about 8 times in about 30 minutes. Yes, it was friendly.

Here's Abby creating one of her masterpieces. Our little lefty has a gift.

We made our way to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. AAA directions failed us again. We ended up getting there at the not so popular entrance. It was actually the hard core, "back-country" part of the park. We went hiking again (this time about 3 miles) and I was really afraid we would run into some snakes. Or get a bee sting. Or something worse. Thank goodness my fears were unrealistic. All we saw were some bees and chipmunks (which seriously are so much cuter than the squirrels in Houston). Notice very few pictures of Abby. I think she was very tired, which was why there were numerous fits from her the entire way. Ugh. Once again, James got a workout - carrying the kiddos around with him.

Look - a stick! Actually it was her sword.

The hike was totally worth the view.

Since it was the tougher part of the park, we were pretty much alone. Colorado is God's country.

Off we were to Ouray, CO (the Switzerland of the Rockies). Such a cute little town this is! I will post some pictures in my next post, but what a neat place we are staying in. We checked into the local Best Western, where I thought we had a couple of rooms since there were bunk beds. Instead this is what the second room looked like. HAHA. It's a closet with bunk beds!

James went to a local "saloon" to pick up some dinner tonight. He talked to someone who lives here and she said that living here is totally awesome. I believe it. Everywhere you look, you're surrounded by mountains. Beautiful.