Thursday, June 18, 2009

Road Trip - Day #9

Total Mileage: Way to much
Number of waterfalls seen: 21
Number of celebrities spotted in Aspen: Maybe 1 (I really think I saw an athlete, have no idea who he was though).
Number of coyotes spared: 1
Number of times James wished he could teleport: 3

Today was a rough day. Driving that is. We left our place at Estes Park around 9:30 and didn't make it to Aspen until 6:00. It was only supposed to be a little over 200 miles. We had bad weather, finally got into some good weather, and realized we went the wrong way (way too late)... so we had to go back and start over in bad weather again. It was a long day.

We planned on going to a ghost town today but couldn't make it. We got to Aspen around dinner time and walked around the quaint little mountain town attempting to find a restaurant that was acceptable for kids. No such luck. We found a pizza place that James went into for some carry out... came back to the hotel and ate. We found a Disney movie on TV, and that pretty much summed up our day.

When the rain and snow wasn't falling, we had some terrific views.

We did have a lovely time going up Hwy 82? toward Aspen. It was a very scenic drive. I found a classical station and was able to reflect some while driving. We serve an awesome God. Lots and lots of waterfalls, rivers, lakes and beautiful homes.

At one point I had to swerve to miss a coyote with a rabbit in his mouth. I got some brownie points from James for not driving off the mountain.

We did manage to get here...

which was pretty cool. Austin and I ran up the path to the scenic overlook. I was totally out of breath... the elevation really gets to me at some points! Everybody looked at us like we were nuts for wearing shorts and t-shirts. It was about 38 degrees.

I guess that was the highlight.

Well maybe the real highlight was finding all these free samples in our hotel room. Jackpot! I actually found more after I took this picture. Yeah, yeah... I know I paid for them like 100 times over, but still...

Now I am off to bed and looking forward until tomorrow. Or looking for a bar in Aspen. Kidding. Really.