Friday, June 12, 2009

Road Trip - Day #5

Total Mileage: 86
Total times James asked "are we doing any mountain driving today": 4
Total times the kiddos asked for snacks: 28
Total times we actually gave the kiddos snacks: 3
Total times our AAA driving directions missed the mark: 2
Total times we talked about moving to Colorado: 2
Number of yaks we saw today: 1

We started the day off at the Royal Gorge. It is the world's highest suspension bridge, and it is s-c-a-r-y. Trust me folks. It was built in 1929. And when you stand still - you can actually feel it m-o-v-e.

We started off taking this train down to the bottom. It is the world's steepest incline railway. We made it to the bottom and looked at the Arkansas river, looked up over 1,000 feet and saw the bridge. For some reason, the train that took us down had 3 cables running it. And the one going up? One cable. By the time we figured that out, we were nearly half way up.

Going down to the bottom.

There's fearless Austin, standing next to some "chicken wire" that is keeping him from blowing off the bridge. Whoa.

There are many things to do at Royal Gorge. We took the aerial tram across. They said it was five minutes across, or 8 seconds down. For us, it took 5 minutes. Whew.

Rode the carousel. A nice break from the terror.

Took some burro rides.

Watched a baby buffalo. They said he was born just last week. His momma never took her eyes off of us - even gave us a pretty good snort.

Experienced some Emily drama at the petting zoo (well actually all day). She was bringing the drama all day. One minute we'd get a huge grin - the next we'd get a bunch of attitude. That's just our Emily.

They have every state's flag on the bridge. This is Austin posing with the Texas flag. I will say that I prayed the entire way across that bridge. It didn't seem very sturdy to me at all, although I'm sure it is, but I could just imagine it losing one of it's 2 inch pieces of plank (especially after James pointed out numerous replacement planks). For the record, there are 1,292 of these planks. And you can actually see between some of them - some have gaps of nearly 2 inches. I'm not kidding!

James took this picture by hanging the camera over the edge.

After the bridge we headed to our hotel in Colorado Springs. We relaxed for a bit and then headed to Garden of the Gods. We weren't able to stay very long because some black clouds were starting to roll in.

3 happy kiddos.

Again, we have nothing but great things to say about our National Park system. It was really cool. We even saw a few people rock climbing. Very cool.

There were signs posted that said: "This is bear country. They are dangerous and will attack you." Luckily, there were no bears in that cave...

Emily found this little spot all on her own. She was "missing" for about 3 seconds... I guess she just wanted to explore like her big brother the ranger.

Not quite the eagle I was looking for... it will do for now.

We had another really fun day in Colorado!