Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over the weekend

We had a great weekend visiting with some of James' family. Aunt Mary, Cousins Shelley and Savannah from Baton Rouge came to Houston for the weekend. They stayed with James' brother's family, but we got to spend time with them on Friday and Saturday night (along with Jay's family). We had so much fun visiting with everybody!

We enjoyed some BBQ

and ice cream.

My niece Katelyn hanging out with the younger kids.

I made these jalapeno thingies for the first time. A friend gave me the recipe, and it's basically just cream cheese stuffed in jalapenos with bacon wrapped around it. They were good, but I thought they'd be really, really good. I had James slice all the jalapenos... he didn't wear any gloves and his hands are still burning today. Ouch!

Abby and Savannah riding the "horse." I don't know if Savannah fell for that one since they own real horses back home.

My nephew Brayden... he is the cutest little guy - and totally fearless!!

Brayden's not the only fearless one, look at 2 1/2 year old Savannah! If only I could get my 4 year olds to do this!

Onto Saffron's appointment from Saturday. James was 50% sure Saffron would not be coming back home with him. Can we say, "glass half empty, dear?" I thought that was a little extreme. She did come home. Anyway, her official diagnosis:

Senility. And an infection in her leg.

Our poor dog is getting old. The vet said we just need to love her a lot. Apparently Goldens do not live that long. That will be a hard day. Saffron was James' mother's "baby." We took her in after his mom had passed away. So when she dies, it's going to be extra sad. I feel like his mom is here with us through Saffron. Yeah, a little crazy, but true. I don't even want to think about that day.